Club Officials & Committee Members

Club Officials 2020

Patron 2020
Norman Adams

President 2020

Stephen Twaddell

Executive Committee 2020
Lorraine McKeaney (Chair); Shirley Doyle (Hon Sec)
; Callum Riches (Chair of Cricket); Hazel Manks (Treasurer);
Howard Askew; Brian Gilmore; Fran Reynolds; Ian Talbot; Brian Thornes

Malahide Cricket Club Trustee Company Limited by Guarantee - 2020 directors:
Billy Goodwin, Alan Hughes, Phil Roche, Ian Talbot (Company Secretary), Jacqui Turner

Club Captains & VC's 2020
Men's 1st XI Captain: Fintan McAllister
VC: James Newland

Men's 2nd XI Captain: Nick Turner
VC: Michael Hingston

Men's 3rd XI Captain: Hamish Manks
VC: Martin Russell

Men's 4th XI Captain: Malcolm Ogilvie

Men's 5th XI Captain: Graeme Tarbox
VC: Brian Thornes

Ladies 1st XI: Caoimhe McCann

Ladies 2nd XI: Sarah Brophy

Cricket Committee 2020
Callum Riches (Chair);

Youth Committee/Managers 2020

Chair of Youth: 


Girls Minor A: 
Girls Junior A & B: 
Girls U15 & U17: 
Girls Colts: 
Boys Cubs: 
Boys Mionor C: 

Boys Minor B: 
Boys Minor A: 
Boys Junior B: 
Boys Junior A: 

Boys Colts: 
Boys U17 & U19: 

Fixture Secretary 2020
Hamish Manks

Membership Registrar 2020
Howard Askew

Selection Committee 2020

Disciplinary Committee 2020