Malahide Cricket Club News story

Weekly News - 'Club House Development'

27 Sep 2019

Dear Members and Friends,


The latest design for a new clubhouse was presented to Members at the Town Hall meeting on Wednesday 11thSeptember.

Malahide Cricket Club has been driving this project, most notably through the architectural competition last year and now working towards a Planning Permission application in the coming months.

The latest plans can be viewed at

The project cost is estimated at €3.225M, which will need to be raised from a combination of public and private funding.

As a minimum, Malahide Cricket Club should look to contribute at least 10% of this, via voluntary donations.

There is an immediate need of funds towards the requirements for our Planning application, as well as the larger and longer term need towards the balance of funds for the build.  


Every little helps...

Every donation contributes immediate financial support to the project.

Every donation visibly enhances our repayment capability to a bank, should we need to raise debt (i.e. mortgage).

Every donation strengthens the Club’s ability to be successful in securing public funds, as is necessary in any sports capital application.

Every donation strengthens the Club’s ability to control the speed and direction of the overall project.


We have received Revenue approval for this capital project for tax relief on any donation over €250 in a calendar year.

We have a dedicated Malahide Cricket Development bank account for receipt of donations, and are now inviting members and friends of Malahide Cricket Club to set up a regular donation via standing order.




Please use your name as the payment reference.

A donation of €21 per month will contribute €252 in a calendar year, and be eligible for tax relief (€100 repaid for taxpayers at 40% tax rate).

The easiest way to set up is via your own internet banking, please see attached information sheet for AIB and BOI customers.

Alternatively, you can fill out the attached form and hand it into your bank branch for them to set up on your behalf.

Should you have any difficulties in setting this up, please contact us at the Club.

Our target raise is €25,000 per calendar year via these regular donations and we are calling this scheme the ‘Ton-Up Club’, which would be open to members and non-members alike.


We also are keen for new volunteers to join a Fundraising Committee to help with ongoing ways to help finance this project.

Please contact the Executive if you would like to help out.


Many thanks,


Brian Thornes

Chair of Development Subcommittee